Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is a work in progress that will hopefully answer any general questions you may have. If your question is not found here feel free to use my contact form to send your question through.

How long is a makeup session?

The time taken to service really depends on the client’s requirements. However, here is a guide on what timeframes to expect when having your makeup done.

Natural Day – 30min – 45min
Special Occasion/Event Makeup 45min – 1hr
Bridal makeup – 1hr
Bridemaids makeup – 45min
Photoshoot on set – 4hrs – 8hrs
Hair – 30min – 1hr

Can I use some of my own makeup products

Short answer: let’s talk about it.

I have carefully selected and researched all the cosmetics in my kit to ensure that they are compatible with one another. The truth is, not all products are compatible and I wouldn’t want to be using a new product that I am not familiar with that could ruin the finished makeup look. Also, I have serviced many with customers with sensitive skin who have not reacted. In saying that, I would definitely take your recommendations for all skin conditions.

What happens if you arrive late or cause the appointment to start late?

Firstly, don’t be late for your makeup appointment! But things happen right? Actually, the answer is – its case by case, but if you are late causing a delay and I am unable to fulfil all the clients booked, full payment is still required for all booked clients. Also, know that if I have a booking after, I will need to leave at the scheduled time which will shorten time to complete your makeup look. However, I will always try and make it work at the end of the day.

Do you provide false lashes?

All hair and makeup and group bridal bookings receive complimentary lashes. Otherwise, lashes range from $10 – $25 each with varying lengths to suit.

How long does the makeup usually last

Well, I did a photoshoot which required the model to dive underwater while wearing a full face and lashes. She took a full dunk underwater three times, and still had her makeup still on and her lashes strong.

Also, I have worked on many clients in Rarotonga, the Cook Islands with tropical temperatures, I have yet to serve a client who’s makeup hasn’t lasted throughout the heat of the night….some even had it on the next morning (I would recommend this just for your skin’s sake).

Can you bring your services to me and at what cost?

My services are fully mobile which means I bring my studio to you. If in Auckland, my call-out service starts from $30.

For services outside of Auckland but domestic, it starts from $30phr return by road plus public transport and accommodation if required.

For International services, feel free to contact me. Let’s talk

What should I do in preparation before getting my makeup done

SKIN – The best way to prepare before your booking is to start a skincare regime at least a few weeks before your booking. Flawless skin = Seamless makeup.

FACE – Please ensure all makeup has been removed before your appointment and that there is absolutely no trace of makeup on the face ie mascara, eyeliner

HAIR – please ensure your hair is freshly washed and fully dried before the start of your booking. If you have long and/or thick hair and have booked the makeup and hair package, please note that valid hairstyles are ones that can be achieved within 30min. If you have long and/or thick, curly hair, you will need to tame/straighten it before your appointment.

CLOTHING – I recommend that you wear a button-up shirt/dress so that it is easy to remove without ruining your freshly applied makeup and so that I can correctly colour match your foundation.

SPRAY TANS – Avoid the face and neck if possible. It tends to flake when applying liquid products

Booking and Cancellation fees

Special Occasion/Event Bookings – a 30% booking fee is required to secure your date and is non-refundable within one month of the booking date.

Bookings outside of Auckland, Weddings and International bookings – a 50% non-refundable booking fee

If for any reason I am unable to service your booking, I will refund you in full and support you in finding a replacement artist.