3 reasons why you shouldn't skip a makeup bridal trial

Konini Rairoa

Firstly, what is a bridal trial? A bridal trial is an opportunity for the makeup artist and bride to meet before the wedding test the desired makeup look on the day. It will help you decide if the makeup artist is right for you, test the products against your skin type, know what products to use on the day, decide with professional advice what look will be most flatter you. Having all of this planned and prepped ahead of time will ensure that we run to schedule. Put it this way; you wouldn't wear a wedding dress you've never tried before, would you?

Now I know there are thoughts that this is just another way for Makeup Artists to make extra money, however hopefully after reading this, you will see the value on why you shouldn't skip a bridal trial.

1. Gain confidence in your Makeup Artist
By the end of the bridal trial, you should have gained full confidence in your chosen artist or decided that the artist is not the right choice for you. Things to consider when choosing a Makeup Artist:
  • How do they make you feel? comfortable, calm and at ease?
  • Do you like the makeup artists style of makeup (in particular your style of wedding makeup)? Go with the artist that specializes in your style of makeup that you feel comfortable wearing.
  • Do they listen and respect your ideas, vision, and add value to it?
  • Was your look achieve? 
  • How did your Makeup Artist receive any corrective feedback? 
2. Test out your makeup look, and the products used too
It is like trying a dress to be sure it's shape is most flattering, the shade is complementing, and that it is comfortable. Likewise with makeup.  Take this opportunity to test out the products used knowing they are the best for your skin type, tone and know what shades will create your desired look.  This is the time to play with makeup. Also, if you have your makeup trial earlier in the day, you have a full day to test its wear and longevity and decide if the look is the one you absolutely love.

3. Timing is everything 
For similar reasons why you would have a wedding rehearsal, your makeup bridal trial is the perfect time to test the timing of application and where it will fit into your wedding schedule.  Having a clear scheduled plan will help you be prepared to manage the unexpected.

These are my top 3 reasons why you wouldn't want to skip a bridal trial and we hope these tips have helped you with your wedding makeup preparations and decisions