If you haven't heard of Skindinavia already, if you haven't, then you need to start searching the hashtag #skindinavia ASAP!  Maybe now is a good time before you continue reading here....

Basically, in our opinion and experience, Skindinavia has the best primer and setting spray product in the WORLD!  Nothing compares to their 16 hour wear.

People have asked us are we going to launch our own setting spray, but seriously, why would we when these products are soooo amazingly amazing?  So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we contacted Skindinavia and said, we (Pasifika) need Skindinavia and we need a channel to get it to the Pacific Islands.  We put our hands up and said we are it!!!  Boom - we have partnered with Skindinavia as the first official stockist to the Pacific Islands...whoop whoop!  

Here are Skindinavia's claims...prepare to be wow'd!

We've Solved The Problem Of Vanishing Makeup

With Our Temperature Control Technology®

*Available in all our Makeup Primer Sprays and Makeup Finishing Sprays.







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