We are in stock! 2n1 Exfoliating Masks

We are so excited to announce the addition of two more items to our already skin perfecting skincare collection and they are our

2n1 Exfoliating Masks

While looking after our bodies internally through diet is important to having healthy skin, our external maintenance for our skin also aids in a more radiant, glowing healthy skin (remember healthy skin = flawless makeup finish).  Our skin is one of our bodies first line of defence against microorganisms(all the nasty stuff like bacteria, fungus etc), so it only makes sense to help keep the external layers of our skin clear right?  Our 2n1 Exfoliating Marks are perfect at keeping the nasties at bay.

We have chosen to use a clay formula mainly white, pink and green - because of its natural ability to draw toxins to the surface, clearing and shrinking the pores, while being gentle enough to exfoliate removing dead skin cells.  The skin is then left feeling clean, clear, fresh and smooth ready to take on another day.  Another great reason why we love using clay formulas is that it is safe to use on children.  Imagine being able to create a mini-spa treatment at home and at your convenience with your family.

If your looking to keep up your smooth supple skin to combating dryness or unwanted oils, here is why our mask will help you: 

Hydrating 2n1 Exfoliating Mask

Our main ingredients are Pink & White Clay, Lavender, Coconut Milk, Rice Powder, Pawpaw Powder and are perfect for normal, combination dry, mature, sensitive skin types.  

While an exfoliating masks main role is to clean and clear, the combination of these ingredients is also hydrating to promote a more radiant complexion and is rich in collagen(vitamin c) - the wrinkle protection protein.  The natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help to clear any nasties while exfoliating with pink and white clays are so gentle and safe even on dry skin.  It is rich in silica - the property that helps to improve elasticity and cell renewal leaving your skin feeling younger and more supple. 


Balancing 2n1 Exfoliating Mask

Our main ingredients are Green & White Clay, Tea Tree, Coconut Milk, Rice Powder, and Pineapple Powder and are perfect for oily, problematic and sensitive skin types.

The green clay really hones in on combating the production of oils as well as drawing out the unwanted oils, dirt, and bacteria from the pores.  Green clay also helps to remove blackheads and is a perfect spot treatment for acne.  With the combination of the other ingredients found in nature, they will help diminish fine lines and heal sun damage, minimise dark spots and blemishes and calms redness, inflammation and uneven skin tone.  It doesn't stop there - tea tree contains antimicrobial properties.  That's the stuff that kills microorganisms!  


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Hydrating - for normal, dry, mature, sensitive, combination skin types

Balancing - for oily, problematic, sensitive skin types


 NB:  Unfortunately there was a miss understanding between us and our manufacturers regarding the labels for our Hydrating mask and the labels are printed as Revitalising instead of Hydrating.  After speaking to a few of those of our customers who pre-ordered, there was a consensus still have the masks sent out as the amazing ingredients are still the same.  Apologies to this confusion and we can assure you that we are putting measures in place to avoid reoccurrence.  Thank you for your understanding